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Match 1 - 7 May 2016

Thanks to all the host clubs for running the first matches, including the people behind the scenes for making the matches great competition but also hugely enjoyable.

The results are on the website and on Power of 10


If any athletes say that performances have not linked to their profiles on Pof10 for whatever reason, including spelling mistakes in their names/club, please direct them to the above link & ask them to follow the instructions at the top of the page‚Äč

If Power of 10 receive individual parents/coaches emailing them with any material changes to the results they will be told to contact the match organiser or Martin Smith to authorise any adjustments.

There was some concern regarding the availability of officials and the allocation of points for officials. For clarity please see the section in the rules relating to Officials.

David Griffiths Photography was at the Division 1 match and athletes can see/buy the pictures http://www.fotoccompli.com/sport/160507/160507.html

Good luck in the next match on 12 June.



About the League

The Heart of England League is known as the "friendly league" and was formed in 1978 to give Midland based clubs local competition to a broader range of athletes including non-scoring Under 11s.
The original 5 clubs that formed the league were Banbury, Leamington, Rugby, Daventry and Nuneaton. Today there are 28 clubs competing in 3 matches across 4 divisions with promotion and relegation at the end of the season.
There isn't an elected Management Committee. The league has always been run in a more relaxed, ad hoc, consensus way by the competing clubs.
Martin Smith (Droitwich AC) is the Treasurer and Paul Bearman (Stratford upon Avon AC) is the Leagues Co-ordinator and has been co-opted to chair the AGM in recent years.
Decisions to change rules or the timetable etc. are suggested by the clubs and any changes are made after consultation and approval (or not) by a majority decision of the clubs.